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As a composer, I write music for piano, string orchestra, and choir. As a teacher, I specialize in piano, violin, and music theory. Find me anywhere you stream music!

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Music Lessons

Run out of Calgary, Alberta, my studio is a perfect fit for anyone looking to either explore their own skills or enroll a child. I welcome all ages, stages, and identities into my studio. Music is for everyone!

My studio follows the academic school year, with optimal scheduling once a week with exceptions for stat holidays and intermissions over the winter holidays and spring break. I have a flexible re-scheduling policy for COVID-19 related illness.

I come to you, meaning you don't even have to leave your house for lessons, making my studio an excellent fit for anybody with a busy schedule or a large family of children who are taking lessons all at once.

Please email me to book a free consultation to determine if my studio is the best fit!

Piano lessons

I teach piano students from beginners up to grade 8 RCM equivalent. I specialize in grade 5 RCM and under, with a special focus on beginners—launching a pianist into their first adventure in the music world holds a special place in my heart—but I love to work with more experienced players as well. My expertise is in classical piano, but I also have experience in jazz, improvisation, and teaching composition.


Violin Lessons

For inquiring violinists, I teach from beginner up to grade 5 RCM or equivalent. My experience is with classical violin—though I've spent my fair share of time learning how to fiddle!—with a focus on building the technique and posture to set up any student for long-term success with any stringed instrument.


Music theory lessons

I recommend all students of mine take time to study music theory as a bedrock foundation to explore the music world in their own way. Understanding of the basics is a springboard to less frustration at the keyboard (or fingerboard!) and a greater depth of comprehension which often leads to independent learning. Considering I place such a high value on music theory, I offer separate lessons as well as the option to add on a 15 minute session to piano or violin lessons each week. 



I started my musical journey in the womb, according to my parents, and have only continued from there. Growing up in a musical household meant total immersion—not a day went by without at least two people practicing simultaneously—and fostered my lifelong passion for music of all kinds.


I studied piano for 12 years and completed my RCM 10 exams in 2016. Since then I have enjoyed passing along my love of the piano to students as well as composing my own piano music.

My journey with violin began at age 7, fascinated with the music world beyond the piano. I took private lessons for 7 years, participating in a variety of string orchestras and quartets.

For a long time, I intended to be a vocal performer—I studied voice privately for 2 years, then at the Victoria Conservatory of Music for an additional 4, where I was a member of the Vocal Collegium.

After completing my History and Harmony RCM exams, I studied Chromatic Harmony at UofC. I'm a big nerd about music theory—but I love to find ways to make it fun for beginners!



In secondary school, I competed and placed frequently in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival in piano, violin, and voice, giving me an insider's guide in how to thoroughly prepare for competitions. I have previous experience in successfully preparing students for Royal Conservatory of Music exams, though I tend to veer away from the RCM's strict regimentation to allow for individual growth in my students.

I have been teaching for more than a decade, beginning with my youngest sibling, to whom I taught piano for several years, eventually expanding to take on official students. I built my studio in Victoria BC, where I was born and raised, and am delighted to be re-located in Calgary, where I have enjoyed teaching for the last 4 years.



My methodology prioritizes the individual—no one strategy is going to work for every student! I build lesson plans based on each student and their goals.

With younger students, I discuss goals with the parents, but I believe students should have the free will to explore what they love, whether that be following a guideline such as the RCM (I was a checklist kid) or branching out to pursue composition, improvisation, or rote learning. 

Music is a valuable skill—it trains the brain in so many ways, is an excellent way to learn to build good habits young, and it brings so much joy later in life. In my studio, my goal is for every student to walk out with lifelong love and appreciation for music, no matter how that looks.


Piano Keys



My studio prioritizes every student learning at their own pace. I rarely encourage students to pursue official examinations, instead preferring to set goals in-studio and work towards them at a reasonable pace, being able to set optional examinations as a team.


Joy focused

In my studio, my desire is to help each individual find the thing about music that makes their heart sing. I aim to work with each student to build a foundation of technique that can be used as a springboard for further exploration.



Not only do I come directly to your home, I build lesson plans separately for each student based on individual goals and will follow enthusiasm where it leads. I can make lessons fit into YOUR schedule, and I understand that life happens, and sometimes rescheduling is necessary (within reason ;) ).

Rachelle, Victoria BC

"Alex was a wonderful piano teacher for our daughter Evvy. We could see right away that Alex took the time to connect with Evvy and to get to know her own unique talents and interests when it comes to music. Alex's own musical talent and their teaching skills are second to none. They are organized, creative and full of great ideas.

Evvy came to Alex as a pre-teen with lots of talent and drive, but struggles around focus. Alex got Evvy on board right away. They and Evvy worked together to select repertoire, make goals and create a plan for Evvy's musical journey.

Alex's encouragement and endless supply of teaching strategies kept Evvy motivated and on-track. With Alex's support and instruction, Evvy worked hard to complete RCM examinations with fantastic results. More importantly, Alex also inspired Evvy to explore her own joy for music along the way.

I know that Alex will take the time to see each student for who they are, and to help guide them to a place where they build both their skills and their love for the piano every week! All in all, I would highly recommend Alex as a piano teacher for students of all levels."

Violin and Music Sheet

Get in Touch

For rates and any further questions, reach me by phone or email!

(403) 369-9138

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